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The Flex.com domain name has been sold to
FLEXTRONICS (Check out their spiffy FLEX Logo)

Use https://www.shaka.com instead to access your previous flex.com ISP account
August 9, 2016


Our accounting system is once again active doing billing and dunning. For the month of August, those users that would have been axed have instead been given a few days grace until the 20th of August to get their accounts current before the dreaded AXE MAN cometh..

This flex.com ----> shaka.com REDIRECT won't last long!

Soon going to flex.com will be handled by someone entirely new and not run by us! So please do pay attention (or not) to what is said below.

For the most part, if you decide to continue using our services:

1. You will be able to login to gmail.com with your "@flex.com" username. You will still be able to send and receive email addressed to your current @flex.com email account at GMAIL. You will still be able to use your "@flex.com" as a username to login with any Google Application like Youtube, blogspot, the almighty Google Docs/Sheets etc.

2. For Filezilla, use ftpes://shaka.com to access your directories

3. Existing Virtual Domains continue to work just fine

4. Your personal webpages are now accesible similar to https://shaka.com/~keoki

5. Those that are still doing modem dialups as well as Usenet newsgroups, continue to login with "@flex.com" (for now). Switch to "news.shaka.com" for usenet.

6. Use https://www.shaka.com/member to pay your bill ...speaking of which...

7. Everyone is getting a FREE MONTH of shaka.com credit added to their old flex account!

It's been a pretty trying time period for me these past few days. I appreciate your consideration and understanding.

Del Wong
Sysadmin, Shaka.com

P.S. Being in Hawaii, I think "shaka.com" is a lot better domain name to have/use than "flex.com" anyhow...