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$9.95 a Month
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FlexNet offers Modem Dialup Access across
the US mainland and Hawaii.

And at just $9.95USD a month, we're an absolute bargain!*

"I've got to sign some long-term contract, right?"
Freedom to Come And Go as you wish. Cancel anytime you wanna. No strings attached.

"It's limited to only a few hours per month, right?"
For HAWAII and mainland access in over 7000 locations across America provided by our strategic partner DialupUSA you are limited to 450 hours a month (that averages to 15 hours of being online each day.)

"The (dialup) service is great out here in Santa Maria, CA, never a busy signal, never a disconnect..."
From a FIVE Year Plus Flexnet Customer

"This is probably a stripped down modem-only account. You'll try to sell me on additional services, right?"
A FULL Featured Internet Account , this be. Includes email access, Web pages (10Megs Storage and CGIs) and more. All Inclusive and...

Totally FREE with your Flex account.

"What about newsgroups?"


Usenet newsgroups are provided under contract by Readnews. If you got a full Readnews account on your own, Readnews would charge you $12.50/MONTH. This instead is provided as part of your FlexNet account, for which we charge you only $9.95 a month! So just for usenet alone, you'd save money dealing with Flexnet directly instead of Readnews. What a great deal, huh!

Usenet Newsgroups via ReadNews...

Totally FREE with your Flex Account.

"You're just some two-bit operation that'll disappear, right?"
We've Been Delivering What We Promise Since 1994. Under the same ownership all this time, Flex began in July of that year as the first ISP in Hawaii. We don't follow a trend, We Are The Trend!

Exceeding Expectations. Again. And Again. We know Internet. We know what you want, and when you want it. We make it all happen.

FlexNet, Stronger Than Ever. We've expanded across the U.S.A. with our Nationwide Modem access Numbers. All for the same low price of $9.95 a month.

Free at Last. No Fuss, No Excuses. Roam thruout our network -- anytime, anyplace, any kine (local Hawaiian jargon.) All For One flat Monthly Rate

"So how can Flex do this for just $9.95 per month???"
FlexNet operates as an ISP targeting experienced Internet users.

We save big bucks by not having a bunch of expensive, over-worked tech support people (God bless 'em, but let's be frank -- Tech support is a thankless, frustrating job you wouldn't wanna do yourself.) We then pass along the savings to you in the form of LOW MONTHLY PRICING.

"Huh? What exactly does that mean?"
By not having any tech support staff, you have to know what you are doing. When you do sign up, you will just get a USERNAME, PASSWORD and MODEM PHONE NUMBER. Nothing else. Don't call us to help you setup your computer either! That's your job, that's the deal here, afterall...

You will have to know how to put this information into your computer. If you never did this before, most likely you won't be able to figure it out. But if you do, you save big bucks with us!

You may sign up any time of day or night, with our online signup form. Get a flex.com account in under five minutes with your valid credit card.

Here is Our Promise to You:

1. We will strive to provide comprehensive, unlimited modem access over much of the United States, while adding new locations to our national footprint.

2. We will have fast Web Servers, CGI access via cgiwrap, Newsgroup Access (news.flex.com) and backup Customer files on a regular basis.

3. We will provide great value at a fair price, thereby keeping other ISPs honest and on their toes.

4. We Rock.

You've Got a Mind. Time to Exercise It.

Tips for new signups:
Read the hints page for instructions!
Still stuck? Think something's broken? Read net status page!
Still stuck?? Contact Us!

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