flex.com says goodbye...

Yes, you read it correctly.

And it's because the domain name "flex.com" is being sold.

I started flex.com back in July 17, 1994. And to think we almost just made it to 22 years of a continuous operation basically run by myself. So close it is!

Oh what a truly wonderful ride it has been for me over these last two decades. I thank all customers, users, and former employees of FlexNet. You've allowed me to Learn, Grow, and Prosper.

More information about a transition and its implications will follow shortly here in this space. Stay tuned.


Del Wong
Sysadmin and President of Flex Net Inc.

P.S. Really Del the very first time any of flex.com's webpages gets a redesign from the old circa 1990's hacker look, and what do you do????? Ya announce it is CLOSING!